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Rolls Royce Inspired by Music

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Launched June 2018

"Cars, like art, reflect more than culture and history, they reflect the human desire to transcend the human condition.
They live in the space between what we are and what we could never be.
They are an extension of our frail bodies, giving us the physical power, beauty and emotional freedom we aspire
within the bounderies of the technology we, ourselves, create and control."

- Renata Fernandes, Editor

Brabhamf1formula 1
08 June 2018

The Brabham BT62, only seventy cars over £1M each celebrating 70 years of Brabham

Each car will be distinctively presented in honour of a specific race win, wearing the colours and race number of the wi…

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autonomous vehicleautonomous
05 June 2018

Midlands Future Mobility in the driving seat to transform the environment for connected vehicles

Midlands Future Mobility will be at the heart of the UK’s transport network, making a significant contribution to the UK…

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02 June 2018

Design: New sleeping pod ‘AirPod’ for tired travellers

The private capsule-like unit was designed to be installed in public locations such as airports, hotels, train and bus s…

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Rolls RoyceMusic
30 May 2018

Rolls Royce Inspired by Music

Dawn ‘Inspired by Music’ was presented at the Concorso D’Eleganza Villa d’Este, 26-27 May 2018.

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27 May 2018

Honda Launches Environmentally Responsible Aircraft

The “HondaJet Elite" was unveiled at a special hangar event ahead of the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention and …

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22 May 2018

FIVA World Rally 2018 will take place in Wales

The touring event celebrates the fun of driving classics on the road – in this case the spectacular scenery and mountain…

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21 May 2018

Interview with Kerstin Schmeding, Head of Colour & Trim Design at MINI

In this interview she explains how far the reach of colour and material design extends, what we can expect in the future…

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Eventslondon concours
15 May 2018

World-class selection of supercar legends at London Concours 2018

Names like Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin will all feature on the lawn, but with the London Concours’ fo…

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